Creating collaborative solutions

Doing Business across Cultures

In order to successfully do business across cultures a company needs indebt knowledge about the local markets, but also about the local business culture. We can assist you on both.

Trade Capacity Building

Whether you want to focus on Organisational Development for Export Promotion, Trade Facilitation Coaching or developing a training curriculum for Economic Diplomats. We have the knowledges and skills to assist.

Stakeholder management

Public-Private Collaboration, Stakeholder Mediation Or Programme Management.
Co-Laboratory, as an experienced mediator and projectleader, will Create Collaborative Solutions.

Creating Chemistry

Why the name  
Co-Laboratory ?

Whether it’s stakeholder mediation, project management or capacity building. Co-Laboratory’s unique approach is that we value and use the knowledge and experiences of every stakeholder. Like Aristotoles said: the whole is more then the sum of its parts. We do this by creating a surrounding where even opposing stakeholders can create COLABORATIVE solutions. We create an environment where this ‘chemistry’ can happen: a Co-LABORATORY!


The action of working with someone to produce something.


The action or process of bringing something into existence


A room equipped for scientific experiments, research, or teaching.


A means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation.

Themes & topics

Doing Business across Cultures

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Trade Capacity Building

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Stakeholder collaboration

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Training & Coaching

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Immigration, Border control & Refugees

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Boards & partnerships

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